How to Improve the Power of Your Audio Amplifier

Audio amplifiers have limited power usually. However, in some circumstances you will be able to boost the power output significantly. Let me show you how.

In order to understand this technique, you will need to know that some amplifiers use half bridge when driving speakers while others use full bridge mode. Let me explain what that means. Each audio amplifier has a speaker output. This output consists of two pins. Each of these pins is connected to one speaker terminal. The difference of voltage between these two pins is the effect of voltage across the speaker coil. The larger this voltage across the speaker cord, the higher the speaker is driven.

However, how much voltage at the amplifier output can change actually depends a lot on the amplifier configuration as well as amplifier supply voltage. Obviously, the voltage swing is limited by the supply voltage. It …

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How to Set up Rear Speakers without Running Long Wires

A home theater system is more complex than it is stereo system. Rather than dealing with just two speakers, you might have to set up as many as eight or 10 speakers. This obviously can easily create cable clutter in your living room. However, there are some alternatives. In this post I will look at some options for setting up speakers for home theater that don’t require running long speaker wires.

Wireless speakers are one option for eliminating speaker wires. However, you might already have the speakers when you purchase a complete home theater set and you are not interested in purchasing another set of speakers. In that case, you can opt for wireless surround sound kits from Amphony and other manufacturers. These products are essentially a cable replacement. They come with a transmitter unit that is connected to the AV receiver as well as a …

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Some Tips for Using Wireless Speakers within Home Theater Systems

Wireless speakers are typically used for streaming music from a cell phone or for listening to music from your CD or DVD player. However, in this post I’m going to show you another interesting application for wireless speakers.

wireless speakers from Amphony

Home theater systems are not new. They have been around for over a decade. However, they can be a hassle to install because of the large number of speakers required. One unique approach for solving this dilemma is to use wireless home theater speakers. There are some home-theater-in-a-box kits available which include wireless speakers. In most cases, only the rear speakers are wireless. The reason is that the front speakers are typically located fairly close to the surround receiver and as such running the speaker cable between those speakers and the receiver is not a big problem. Also, wireless speakers have to have power. That means that …

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Some Easy Ways for Debugging Problems with Your Audio Gear

Audio equipment can break every once in a while. However, once the sound stops it doesn’t necessarily mean that something has been damaged. There are many possibilities for equipment malfunctioning. I will give you some insights into how to do some basic troubleshooting for common types of audio equipment. I would follow these instructions step by step in order to find out what is going on. Chances are that after debugging your equipment, you will be able to resolve most problems yourself.

One of the most common causes for equipment to malfunction is the power source. It all starts with the power cable. At that power cord obviously can result in your equipment not working. When you install equipment, I recommend that all cables be stored such that they are no loose cables over which somebody can trip. Such kinds of cables can easily also break. …

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Some Tips for Connecting Loudspeakers

Connecting some speakers seems pretty straightforward. However, there are certain things that most people don’t know which can affect performance of your speakers. In this article, I will review some guidelines for properly hooking up some loudspeakers and also offer some advice for improving audio performance in the process. So spend a few minutes reading the next few sections. You will not regret it.

There are many different types of loudspeakers on the market. The most common type of loudspeaker is a dynamic speaker. In this type of speaker, there’s a diaphragm which is connected to a coil. The coil is suspended in a magnetic field. The current excitations cause the coil to exert force on to the diaphragm and thus cause the diaphragm to generate sound waves. Typically the speakers are rated with a certain impedance as well as wattage. The impedance of the speaker …

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